Pochettino is having a hard time and the Reds are happy to welcome him to Manchester United.

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A year ago, Pochettino took over as coach of Greater Paris with big ambitions;A year later, his smug had already disappeared, and instead he felt depressed!Pochettino is currently unhappy with the greater Paris management and, if nothing unexpected, the Argentine will almost certainly be sacked at the end of the season, so it would be surprising if he were happy.The management of Greater Paris expects pochettino from disappointment, from disappointment to dissatisfaction, mainly from two points: first, the Champions League did not advance but retreated, from the runner-up to the final four, the boss was very angry, the consequences are very serious for the Teams of The French League, the financial strength of greater Paris no club can compete.The greater Paris owner’s target is not ligue 1 but the Champions League.In order to achieve this goal, Greater Paris has bought Mbappe, Neymar, di Maria, Icardi and other world-class stars, to achieve their hegemony.However, Germany coach Tuchel took Greater Paris to the final but could not bring his side the ultimate victory, losing to Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich.Therefore, The greater Paris brought pochettino to the team, with the hope that he could improve the team and win the Champions League.However, when Pochettino arrived, he beat Bayern in the last eight of the Champions League, but lost to Manchester City in the semi-finals and went from runners-up to the last four.”What is unbearable”, such a result so eager to achieve the Qatari owners really can not be satisfied, the change of coach has become an inevitable choice.In order to win the Champions League, the boss of greater Paris really put his heart into it.Mbappe, Neymar and di Maria are not enough, are they?How about a bigger one?!As soon as Barca announced the termination of messi’s contract, the Middle Eastern owner sent someone to make contact with Messi, taking into account the demands of the other side.In a gesture of good faith, Greater Paris signed Messi to its team before many of its rivals could react.Subsequently, the club has bought the European MVP Donner Ruma, Real Madrid captain Ramos, the Netherlands will be a hero Wynaldum!From the card, the team is really to have a reputation, to have strength strength, strong troops, great momentum!But, in Pochettino’s hands, there was no spectacle or content in a team full of big names.No matter in Ligue 1 or the Champions League, The Greater Paris play in various competitions are stumbling, did not show the strength of the big teams and arrogance!Not even ordinary football fans, let alone club owners, are happy with this situation.Pochettino feels that he can not make powerful, rational say, very aggrieved!Pochettino has a lot of ideas, but he can’t put them into action.Pochettino was even less satisfied!Before arriving in Greater Paris, Pochettino wanted a team capable of winning the Champions League and showing his managerial skills.However, after he came to Paris, he found that “the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny”. After gathering Mbappe, Neymar, Messi and other super stars, the dressing room management in Paris is much more difficult than he imagined!Whether it is the new superstar Mbappe, or the old giants Messi, Neymar, who are not easy lamp!Mbappe has been leaving the team, in order to appease him, up and down the effort.The boss wouldn’t let him play in a comfortable position.Messi is used to playing in the centre of the pitch at Barcelona and is unhappy with playing him as a winger.The recent media exposure of Messi’s disrespect for Pochettino is just the tip of the iceberg in the greater Paris dressing room.For Pochettino, even the formation of the squad was difficult to execute, and it was very difficult to play a satisfactory result.However, this kind of difficulty, can only be “bitter not to say”, rotten to their belly!United have been in constant contact with Pochettino, and the reds’ management believe the Argentine could be the answer to the club’s current difficulties. There are many reasons why The greater Paris side are struggling.However, changing the coach is the simplest, most direct and best way to deal with the fans and the media.The club can put all the blame on the manager and solve a lot of unnecessary problems.According to media reports, zidane has been contacted by the greater Paris club.But Zidane is reluctant to take over and wants to be in charge of greater Paris again from next season.Therefore, Pochettino’s departure has been inevitable.However, pochettino’s tenure at Tottenham, despite the absence of many big names, but the team’s balance of attack and defense, the formation of the team to maintain a strong competitive, to the Red Devils management left a good impression.In addition, the arrival of Tuchel from Greater Paris brought the Champions League to Chelsea.United will also be hoping that Pochettino, like Tuchel, can bring a Champions League title to the Red Devils after moving from France to the Premier League.As a result, United have been in constant contact with Pochettino and would be happy to see the Argentine sacked by greater Paris.The Argentine is showing signs of moving closer to the reds’ managerial position.