Our festival: sweet Lantern Festival products

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Our festival: sweet Lantern Festival taste “black sesame very sweet!””Master Zhang you come to this sugar-free yuanxiao.””It’s been a long time since we sat down and talked.””The soft chocolate, thick sweet melt in your mouth, I love this activity.”At four o ‘clock on the afternoon of 14th, happiness and joy were wrapped and lingering in the activity room of the fleet of public Service Department of Dagang Oilfield Exploration and Development Research Institute.In the midst of a heavy snow, the Lantern Festival arrived as promised.To vigorously carry forward the socialist core values and the traditional festival of the Chinese nation culture, at the same time in order to further strengthen the centripetal force and cohesion of the employees, for employees to build a unity, love, warmth, peace and security, active and harmonious atmosphere of festival season, does the practical work with the practical action for the employees to do good, rich cultural life of employees,The public Service Department specially planned and organized the implementation of this time – “Our Festival: warm symposium · Sweet dessert Lantern Festival” theme activity.In the activity, the staff sat around the table and gathered happily. The laughter repeatedly rippled in the indoor air, and the happy smile was permeated on people’s faces for a long time. Peanuts, melon seeds, candies, fruits and so on were placed on the big table.In one side of the pot, the big and white yuanxiao kept rolling up and down in the hot water, while gurgling the heat, while constantly exuding attractive fragrance.We greet each other to enhance feelings, you talk about a little bit of work over the years, he talk about his own experience of life experience, you applaud, I applaud for you, in the event of interesting cola things, cause everyone’s resonance, multi-participation, common debate.Almost all the drivers of the team of public Service Department are old employees of the Research Institute of Exploration and Development, who have made great efforts and sweat for the development of the Research Institute. In particular, Master Lei of the team will enter the ranks of retirees in half a month, but at this moment he is still on his duty at work, standing the last post.Got together this time, made him feel a lot, “I came to institute in 1993, have been working here for 29 years, I witnessed the institute during this period of ups and downs, and it Shared the suantiankula, also share the achievements of the development of it, the unit to have feelings, although I will leave here,But my heart will continue to be here with you.”Boiled dumplings served, everyone will be the first bowl full of respect for the meaning of yuanxiao sent to ray master hand, thanks to ray, the teacher will give their best years contribution to the research institute, thank him for his role in work conscientiously, diligently, and wish him a happy retirement life in the future, and hope to have the time often back to the team and have a look.The theme activities held by the staff’s consistent high praise, activity for everyone not just add to the festive mood, more important is to let people feeling happy Lantern Festival at the same time, effectively motivate the employees to work enthusiasm, unity to lead employees in 2022 to further more, better, update the work goals.(Photo/Zhang Jidong)