Myanmar and China’s vastly different gender knowledge

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1, in Myanmar, all the boys have to shave a monk, the purpose is to let the cause of Buddhism in Myanmar can be inherited, in Myanmar that this behavior is virtuous, in Myanmar, according to statistics there are more than 200,000 monks!2, Myanmar to the right is expensive, left is cheap, right is big, left is small, so Myanmar people have the custom of “male right female left”.It is worth mentioning that women should not sleep on men’s arms, otherwise men will lose their “magic power”!3. Burmese people believe that “right is expensive and left is cheap”, so their custom is that men and women should eat with their right hand.Left-handers can be awkward in Myanmar, where, like India, the left hand is considered unclean because it is used to wipe one’s ass, and treating others with it is considered offensive.4. In Myanmar, women’s close-fitting clothes are regarded as ominous things. They can not be exposed to the sun in a high place, and it is best not to exceed the height of normal people, so as not to cause bad luck and so on.5, in Myanmar, men also like to wear skirts, similar to the traditional dress of yunnan Dai people, myanmar both men and women wear skirts, long cylinder skirt “longji” is men’s daily dress, even if the president receives foreign guests also wear skirts.Burmese women wear cylindrical skirts called “Temin”, men wear cylindrical skirts called “busuo”, when at home, do not wear underpants, very cool and breathable.Both men and women in Myanmar generally wear slippers, except for soldiers.7, Myanmar border lives a ‘long neck’ ethnic minority, where the little girl since the age of 5 will be set on a kilogram of copper ring, 10 years old to 25 years old year by year added to pad high neck, lifetime wear can not be removed, the local neck up to 70 cm.8. There are more women than men in Myanmar, with 2.2 million more women than men. The largest number of women are Rangoon, Mandalay and Irrawaddy provinces.Women do all the work outside and at home, and the local men’s biggest hobby is playing mah-jongg.9. There are many polygamous families in Myanmar.In 2015, the government banned polygamy, theoretically reducing the chances of women marrying in Myanmar.10, Myanmar people attach great importance to marriage, taboo is also more, generally in September, October, December, these three months can not hold a wedding, in addition to the Burmese calendar April 15 to July 15 three months for buddhist monks live in peace period, Myanmar people are not allowed to hold a wedding.11. There is a river in central Myanmar, called Qiuzi River, which is regarded as a sacred river by the local ethnic minority tuotie ethnic group. It is named after the local custom that the women of tuotie ethnic group bathe in the river for three consecutive days before getting married, in order to bless the gods and give birth to a big fat boy as soon as possible.