Top kid of the year?Zhou Jialuo did not return to “Love Home”, continue to film the third actor

2022-04-24 0 By

TVB bold appointment of the new blood in recent years, a lot of actors in a few years can bear is leading role, like last year, TVB the force holding the upper niche Hubert, the bear is staged drama “the October fifth moon” after the broadcast and then another series “fall in love with my failure god”, this year also shoot first “as the sky”, the future.In 2022, zhou Jialuo will be the best actor in Love, Happy To Go Home Express. He won the hearts of the people with his classic role of “Disused Qing ‘an”. Last year, He won the recognition of Wang Zulan and took the lead role for the first time in TVB costume drama “Your Majesty”, continuing to play his comedic qualities.After shooting “Your Royal Rascal,” Zhou jialuo continued to be highly used by TVB, with Chen Hao, Gong Jiaxin and other seniors continue to shoot Chen Wei-guan’s new drama “42 Chapters.”Chen Weiguan also said, for Zhou Jialuo to design a new role, the play has a dual personality, former life is “Deer and the Dingji” in the “Princess Jianning”.The new role is expected to challenge his acting skills and dispel the taste of “waste Qingan”.Chou has been away from love Coming Home for more than a year, occasionally appearing in only one or two episodes.Fans who want him back on the show will have to wait.He finished shooting “forty-two chapters after” will continue to play play, get “anti-black road people a” supervisor Lin Zhihua’s appreciation, will be in the heel of Guo Jin ‘an, Chen Wei, Wu Weihao and other TVB drama “return”, this is his third time to carry the main actor is drama.Zhou Jialuo, Wu Weihao in the play is the son of Guo Jin ‘an, Chen Wei, two people in 1997 respectively separated to the mainland and Hong Kong, 25 years later to meet again, spread out a section of separation of two places to meet again touching story.Lin Zhihua is good at holding new people, wang Haoxin, Zhang Zhenlang, Li Jiaxin, CAI Sibei are relying on his “step on the world” to become a master young actress.”Return” is a large-scale co-production to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China. It will be broadcast in both mainland and Hong Kong, helping Zhou Jialuo to expand her popularity and become popular in the mainland at any time.Zhou Jialuo has transformed from a young newcomer to a new generation of TVB, with three leading actor dramas in his hand, and is expected to be nominated for “Best Actor” for the first time this year. Do you like this young man?