Each of the three singers, who insist that their songs are free of charge, deserves praise

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The era of charging for songs is almost over. Just like watching movies, you have to sign up for movies.The same goes for listening to music now. What do you want to listen to?Sorry to open a membership for you first.Have to say in that year music software war true wonderful, cool dog, cool ME, QQ music, NetEase cloud, thousands of jing listen, beautiful every day, shrimp.When the real survival now, only a few behind the capital.But music software is one of the biggest costs, in order to survive and even turn a profit.The few remaining music apps are starting to band together and fold up membership fees.That’s right. What if you don’t want to pay the copyright fee? Let the user pay.Now NetEase Cloud is a little better, but in QQ Music, it is almost difficult for every member to listen to songs, even some old songs, you will find that you have to open a member to listen.But copyright protection is a good thing, and it’s benefited a lot of musicians.Even so, some singers gave up charging fees and insisted that fans listen to their songs for free. I have to praise their character!Xue Zhiqian once said that if he charged for his songs, he would earn hundreds of millions more.But the fire up Xue Zhiqian has not forget his heart, know that everything is given by the fans, so even now, his songs are still free of charge, anyone can listen to.2. Xu Song faced with the problem that songs do not charge, Xu Song has also responded.He said most of the students who listen to his songs are students who don’t have much money, and he doesn’t want his fans to pay to listen to his songs.In fact, Xu Song itself is not short of money, millions of luxury houses, millions of watches, he has.For the song charge this matter, Xu Song has also had a clear expression, he is not short of money, always let the fans listen to his song for free.When it comes to pet fans, xu Song really belongs to them.Lee, who is famous for his song model, is also opposed to charging for his songs. He believes that a good singer should put all his energy into creation instead of just making money.All his songs are still free, and people can listen to them for free.Have to say, these singers can insist to now all do not charge, really is quite not easy, for their character, really greatly praise.