Yuan Jiajun wang Hao visited frontline epidemic prevention workers in Hangzhou and had dinner and spent The New Year’s Eve with them

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On January 31, Yuan Jiajun, secretary of CPC Provincial Committee, Wang Hao, deputy Secretary of CPC Provincial Committee and governor, visited the traffic police on duty at the intersection of Jiangnan Avenue and Jianghui Road in Hangzhou.Yuan Jiajun wang hao to visit visit during the Spring Festival in hangzhou holding epidemic prevention frontline staff, thank you very much for holding cost and selfless dedication hope to carry forward the continuous fighting spirit continues to stand national post to keep the door of the ox, New Year’s eve Yuan Jiajun, secretary of provincial party committee, deputy secretary of provincial party committee, provincial governor wang hao line came to hangzhou binjiang, traffic police ZhiQinDian, wade epidemic district, community service center between the party and the masses,Visit condolences to epidemic prevention line workers, eat dinner together with you, send you New Year wishes and holiday greetings, thank you to pay and selfless dedication, hope that we develop continuous fighting spirit, continue to stand good work and keep good door, contributing to annihilation comprehensive prevention and control of epidemic victory is gained more power.Jiangnan Avenue and Jianghui Road intersection is located in the downtown of Binjiang district, responsible for the intersection duty is hangzhou traffic police detachment riverside brigade long River squadron.After the outbreak of the epidemic, the squadron civilian, auxiliary police all suspended, fully engaged in anti-epidemic work.Yuan Jiajun and others asked about the cold protection measures, meals and rest of the grass-roots police officers, expressing sympathy and thanks to them.He said that the Chinese New Year is coming, so people give up their rest time and stick to their work, with their own hard work index for the safety of the masses index.I hope that we can continue to carry forward the spirit of being able to bear hardships and fight. While doing a good job in self-protection, we will maintain a state of readiness for rapid response. We will strengthen our on-duty duty during the Spring Festival, pay close attention to weather changes, and make contingency plans to ensure overall social stability and the safety of people’s lives and property.On January 31, Yuan Jiajun, secretary of CPC Provincial Committee, And Wang Hao, deputy Secretary of CPC Provincial Committee and governor of Hangzhou went to hangzhou Binhe Community Party and Mass Service Center to have a New Year’s Eve dinner with grass-roots epidemic prevention workers and spend the New Year’s Eve together.The Spring Festival of the Year of The Tiger is approaching. The provincial party Committee and the provincial government are concerned about the people in the containment area and the frontline epidemic prevention personnel.Yuan Jiajun and others came to Xixing Street qiantang Binhe Garden community.According to the notice of THE COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of Binjiang District, 9 buildings in this community have been designated as closed control area, while the rest buildings are controlled area, and all personnel have implemented control measures.At present, the people of the community New Year supplies enough, community cadres, medical staff, volunteers on their positions, the work in an orderly manner.Yuan jiajun expressed sympathy and gratitude to the frontline epidemic prevention workers.He said it is because of your protection that the general public can feel at ease during the Spring Festival.We hope to carry forward the spirit of continuous operations, do a good job of self-protection, make reasonable arrangements for rest breaks, and strictly implement, refine and implement all epidemic prevention and control measures without any slack.Yuan jiajun also conveyed New Year wishes to the community through community cadres, thanking everyone for their understanding, support and cooperation in the epidemic prevention work of the Party Committee and the government, and wishing everyone a healthy, safe, happy and peaceful Spring Festival.At 5:15 PM, Yuan Jiajun and others went to the Party and Mass Service Center of Binhe Community, Xixing Street, to have dinner and spend the New Year’s Eve with grass-roots epidemic prevention workers.Yuan jiajun said affectionately that the battle against the epidemic in Hangzhou this year was an extraordinary event.In the face of the outbreak, you came forward at a critical moment, gave up your families for everyone, overcame all kinds of difficulties, rushed to the front line, worked hard to reduce the risk of spread and stop the spread of the epidemic, and showed a highly responsible attitude to society. This is great.I hope you will carry forward the great spirit of fighting the epidemic, stay the course, make persistent efforts, rise to the challenge, and do a better job in all aspects of epidemic prevention and control with a higher stance, more targeted measures and a more down-to-earth attitude.Yuan stressed that the Party and the government should coordinate their work forces to care for grassroots cadres, medical workers and volunteers on the front line, solve their practical problems and ease their worries, so that they can devote themselves to the fight against the epidemic and lay a solid foundation for winning the battle against the epidemic.Provincial leaders Liu Jie, Chen Yijun, Wang Chengguo, Hangzhou leaders Liu Xin to participate in the relevant activities.Reporter | Liu Leping lu Le Photography | Hu Yuanyong